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In the winter of 2018, the idea was conceptualized for Arisu, a Lolita & J-Fashion marketplace. The goal was to provide a safe, accessible, and entertaining shopping experience to the Texas j-fashion community. We hosted the first ever Arisu market on June 15, 2019, and the second the following winter. Planning had just gotten fully underway for 2020 when Covid-19 became an issue, and the 2020 markets were postponed. After taking the year off to plan, we have re-emerged with the goal to focus our efforts towards supporting small business sellers and providing online J-fashion themed programming until we are able to host the market in person once more. We greatly anticipate the return of our physical events, but will only do so when it is safe for everyone to do so. 

The AFM Team




Ojy (she/her) is the Arisu Fashion Market Chair, as well as the founder of the Houston Lolita Society. She has been making and wearing lolita fashion since 2013. During that time she has actively hosted meets and events for the greater Houston J-fashion community, including formerly serving as

J-fashion Chair for a Houston based Japanese culture convention and providing J-fashion themed programming for the Houston Tea Festival. As AFM Chair, she conceptualizes and supervises each event and serves as the primary contact point for all participating brands.

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The Best Helper Ever

Monica (she/her) is a sweet/gothic lolita who joined the AFM team as an event consultant in 2020. She is a moderator for the Houston Lolita Society and currently organizes the J-Fashion show for the Houston Japanese Festival. 

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Positions Available

Arisu Fashion Market is looking for talented individuals to join our team! If you are interested, inquire here.

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