AFM Coord Contest 


Do you have a coordinate that you are really proud of? We want to see it@! Submit your best coordinate to the AFM Coordinate Contest for a chance to win prizes from our vendors and sponsors! Entries will be assembled into one long video, which we will show during the Arisu Summer Market event livestream. All types of J-fashion are invited to participate.



Entry Deadline: June  14th, 11:59 pm CST




Entries will be judged based on the following categories:

Summery Sweet - Sweet/Country/Classic lolita

KuroShiro - Gothic/Black & White lolita

Cool & Kawaii - Everything Else!

The entries and a voting link will be posted the morning of the event.

Deadline for voting is June 19th at 5:00pm CST, and we will announce winners at the Closing Ceremonies. 

Since the Arisu Summer Market is right on the heels of International Lolita Day, we decided to add a fourth category:

Celebrate ILD - Your ILD Weekend Coord

where you can show off your ILD look! (All entries in this category must be time-stamped or have some indicator that they are from ILD weekend.

Entry Rules

  1. As this is a J-fashion event, all entries must be identifiable as J-fashion. This includes lolita, decora, pastel goth, gyaru/ganguro, mori, fairy kei, cult party kei, V-kei, dolly kei, or any of the other *kei fashions. It does NOT include traditional kimono, school uniforms, or cosplay. These items are strictly prohibited, as are adult themed/sexually provocative coordinates and "Replica" print dresses.

  2. For liability reasons, all participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the event. This is non-negotiable.

  3. Entries must include a short video and one full coordinate photo, OR 1-5 coord photos. Videos should be a max length of 20 seconds and must be filmed in landscape/horizontal orientation with no intentional background audio. Acceptable video formats include .mov and .mp4. Photos must also be landscape/horizontal orientation and must be .jpg or .png file format.

  4. Not really a rule, but a good tip - Film your video in a manner that will show off your outfit in the most flattering way. You have 20 seconds, use the full time. Show details. Don't just do a runway walk, but also use different camera angles, zoom in, do whatever features your coordinate the best.

Your video submission must meet all of the requirements to be included in the Coordinate Contest livestream video. ​You may only submit one look to the Coordinate Contest. If you chose to participate in the Fashion Walk, you may enter with a coordinate that you submitted to the Fashion Walk, or with a completely different one. If you still have questions or need more guidance, reach out to us via the Contact Us page or watch the example video on the Fashion Walk page. If you are ready to submit your video, click the button below.



General Disclaimer: By submitting any media via the AFM site, you acknowledge and understand that you are granting Arisu Fashion Market a limited license to edit your media and repost it to the Arisu Fashion Market properties and social media channels.