AFM Trivia Game Show


Are you a trivia fanatic? Time to test your J-fashion knowledge. Announcing the AFM Trivia Game Show - a Jeopardy style trivia game hosted by long-time convention game show host and AFM's own Chair - Ojy! In this game show, contestants will test their knowledge of their favorite J-fashion brands. Four contestants will be selected to play live on stream, answering questions about brand history and releases, as well as general J-fashion knowledge. High scoring contestants will be awarded prizes from AFM sponsors and vendors!



Entry Deadline: June 14th, 11:59 pm CST

Contestant Rules

  1. Contestants will be visible on screen during the live game. As this is a J-fashion event, contestants must be dressed in J-fashion during the stream. J-fashion being defined as including the following: lolita, decora, pastel goth, gyaru/ganguro, mori, fairy kei, cult party kei, V-kei, dolly kei, or any of the other *kei fashions. It does NOT include traditional kimono, school uniforms, or cosplay. These items are strictly prohibited, as are adult themed/sexually provocative coordinates and "Replica" print dresses.

  2. Contestants will be expected to have an acceptable tech setup, including audio and video devices, as well as streaming capable Wi-Fi. A rehearsal time will be scheduled to test and troubleshoot device setup. Contestants will be required to attend at the scheduled rehearsal time, or to make prior arrangements with the organizer to test their setup at a more convenient time. The time of this test will be 1-2 weeks before the event - date and time TBD after contestant selection is completed.