Arisu Fashion Market Discord FAQ & Rules

The Arisu Fashion Market Discord server is provided so event attendees can organize and socialize before and during events and in between panels. Join the server to chat with other event attendees and J-fashion enthusiasts about the event. There are designated channels where you can discuss your event plans, your coordinates, and other j-fashion related topics. 



Discord FAQ

What is Discord? Discord is a group chat platform, much like Zoom or FB Messenger Rooms, that allows you to connect with peers or a community. To use it, you must sign up for an account, which is free. Discord can be used in a web browser or you can choose to download it as an app on your phone or computer. For more information on Discord, please see their video explanation here

How do I change my nickname? Right click on your username in Member List on the right hand side of the window and select "change nickname."

How do I contact an admin? Click on the room moderator's name, or another admin, and start typing your message in the box that appears, then hit enter to send. If you cannot see a user list, click on the Member List icon in the top right of the window to open it up.

What do the colors on the Member List names mean? The color your name appears has to do with the server roles that you are assigned. An easy way to spot a mod is that they have a nickname that shows in purple or pink.


What if I can't hear anything? Open the Discord menu for Voice Settings. You have an option to select or change your input and output device in a drop down menu directly under Voice Settings. Make sure it is set to the device that you are using. If you still cannot hear anything, you may need to open your computer settings and allow Discord to access your headset and/or microphone.

What if others cannot hear me clearly? If others are getting static or feedback from your connection, it is most likely due to additional noise pollution. Please use headphones or ear buds whenever possible to reduce this! If you do not use push to talk, make sure that your microphone sensitivity is set low. A higher sensitivity can pick up breathing or other background noises which cause static. Go into the Voice Settings and check the sensitivity slider. The green area is what everyone else can hear. The orange is muted. You can use the "Let's Check" option for a playback of your mic input to test your sensitivity. Anything you can hear on that, we can hear as well.

How do I open up voice settings? Click on the gear symbol in the lower left hand corner, and select "Voice and Video" under app settings. See Voice and Video interface example here

Server Rules

  • Be kind to others! Harassment or excessive rude behavior will result in removal from the server.

  • There is a zero-tolerance policy on hate. This includes racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, or any other form of bigotry.

  • No unsolicited critiques or constructive criticism. If they don't ask, don't offer.

  • Our server is open to all, and that includes underage members, so the excessive use of profanity and discussion of adult themed topics is strictly prohibited. If you want to discuss a traditionally sensitive topic like mental health, please add a trigger warning and hide your messages with spoiler tags. If you are unsure if your post fits this description, err on the side of caution and include a tag. Edit a spoiler tag in if you are asked to.

  • If anyone in the server has made you feel uncomfortable, private message an admin or room mod for assistance.

  • Do not copy, share, or re-post anyone’s photos, videos, or chat activity anywhere - for any reason - without clear written permission.

  • You may not take any screenshots or photos of video chat channels without the explicit permission of every guest present.
  • Promotion of your personal social media is allowed and encouraged. 

  • Leading up to and during events, promotion of shops other than our featured brands is not permitted. This includes personal shops and secondhand marketplaces like eBay and Lacemarket. If you have shop recommendations to give to another member, do so privately via direct message. Do NOT send unsolicited messages to promote your shop. This will result in removal from the server.

  • Admins and mods reserve the right to make judgment calls or remove any user from this server at any time for any reason.

Please message an admin if you have any questions or concerns